Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing Wormtail

This sly little fellow is a green anole, whom we dubbed Peter Pettigrew. Matt caught this guy near the air conditioners (where we have seen others of his kind, hiding behind the slats). He does very well at pretending to be a leaf, and we had a hard time locating him in the land habitat when he curled up among the green.

Matt helped to release him, and Peter seemed quite happy in his hand.

Check him out--he looks like he's settling down for a nap.

By now you may have guessed that we like to name our critters after Harry Potter characters. We named this particular lizard after the notorious Peter Pettigrew because he is missing part of his right leg. We speculate he may have lost it in the air conditioner (ouch!), but at any rate he seems to be doing fine without it. He also has a grey tip to his tail, which is not unlike a rat's tail or a worm. Isn't it genius?

Peter mugs for the camera.

Watch Peter change color:

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  1. This is really fantastic! You would have been a great Mom for me when I was growing uo!