Friday, February 3, 2012

Albus the Good

We didn't find Albus, he found us. We were just minding our own business last night when I noticed him chillin' on the glass window of the back door. I snuck around from the front and caught him--although he wasn't much of a fighter. He really has a great attitude toward naturalists, or so it would seem.

Albus is a green tree frog, and although they are supposedly quite abundant 'round these parts, he is the first one we've seen. We'll likely see more when the weather gets warmer--everyone says they like to hang out near porch lights and feast on the mosquitoes attracted to the artificial light. Another reason to like green tree frogs!

He's just so ridiculously adorable! Did you know that Kermit the Frog was modeled after this particularly good-looking froggy?

Albus stayed with us for one evening (such is our custom), and we happened to have a crane fly in the house that night. Charlie was scared of it so I caught it and put it in the land habitat with Albus to see if he would eat it. Albus was suctioned to the wall of the habitat at the time, with his big eyes closed. I figured he was asleep, and indeed he ignored Mr. Tasty Snack for some time. I kept him nearby me, just in case--and I'm glad I did. Without warning, Albus just snatched up the crane fly and munched him down--his eyes still closed. Then he went back to sleep. All in a night's work for a green tree frog.

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  1. Frogs are the best!! A few months ago we were blessed with a hadn't rained in quite some seemed as if the raindrops turned into frogs as they hit the pavement!!

    After a good rain, it is so fun to go out at night and listen to all the is amazing!!! :)

    ENJOY!!! :)